About Bruce . . .

Bruce Michaels began his performing career at age 6, was giving magic shows at age 9, making music professionally by age 15 in his hometown of Cleveland, but he's performed and been heard all over the country.  Thus, he's as comfortable performing as "sleeping in my own bed," he laughs.  In addition to writing popular songs, heís written commercial jingles, and has ideas for "2, maybe 3 musicals or plays rolling around in my head."

He's also appeared on stage, in musical, dramatic and comedic roles, among them:

Elwood P.Dowd, in Harvey, Harold Hill (the music man) in The Music Man, FDR in Annie, The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, and his favorite, due to the emotional range demanded, King Arthur in Camelot.



Michaels also plays golf and tennis (badly, but with enthusiasm), skis, rides his motorcycle whenever as possible, and continues to venture into new professional fields.  In addition to musicals, as previously mentioned, he's working on a play, a one-man show ala Holbrook's Mark Twain. Who is the subject?

"Oh, it's too good an idea to reveal just yet...."

Also, having been news director in both radio and television,  he fancies taking  to the air-waves again with video essays on "most anything and everything," ala Andy Rooney. "Actually, I've done it before; I hope to again." Additional to performing, he teaches piano privately in his adopted home city of High Point, NC.


Other Bits and Pieces

Favorite Movie:

"The Godfather, I think.  The acting was wonderful, the whole ambience was nearly tangible. When I saw it, I was most struck by how well the fabric of "the old country" was woven into the film.  In fact, although Iím not Italian, for a week or two afterwards I had an insatiable desire for pasta and red wine."

Favorite Performer:

"Wow, that's hard.  Probably a toss-up between Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman.  Her talent is astonishing, and so . . . diverse!  But Hoffman as the Graduate, as Tootsie . . . that's a pretty wide range, too.  Obviously, I love Dean, Frank, Sammy . . . and, uh-oh, and what about Robin Williams? Hmmm . . ."

Favorite Song:  

"It completely depends on my mood, and also, by 'song.' Do you mean a popular work, i.e., a 'tune?'  I'm left breathless by Albinoni's Adagio in G, and Rachmoninoffís Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini, but the celebration of love in I'll Never Find Another You is timeless."

Most Cherished:

"Besides health, you mean, which is a no-brainer?

"Love, I guess; I believe it's the glue holding the entire universe together. Or maybe time.  Time allows all else. Of course, there really is no such thing as time, it's a construct of our imagination for convenience, but that's a different discussion. Money's way down the list . . . although, I suppose one sort of does follow the other, i.e., if I had enough money to have the more sundry elements in life taken care of, I'd end up with  more time for  writing . . . and, yes, for love . . ."

Best Work:

"Oh, right . . . and which is your favorite child, Mom?

"Jeez, sometimes my favorite is whatever I most recently completed because it's the one most attuned to my feelings and beliefs of that moment; but those beliefs are constantly evolving, n'est-ce pas?

"Not good enough, huh?

"Uhm . . . A Loverís Prayer . . . I'm not sure I can do better . . . the chord structure and melody are fine, I guess . . . but I ended up being especially pleased with not only the message, but the lyrics' symmetry. And in its new incarnation as a music video, I think it's universally resonant. Yeah, I'm happy with the way that one turned out . . ."

Watch A Lover's Prayer video


"Well, I've got an old van for the pianos, and I drive an old Saturn. But whenever possible, I'm on my Honda."



"Well . . . I believe in it . . . through the years it's been my greatest inspiration . . . my wife is the love of my life, and yes, I try to be romantic !"

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