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  Bruce Michaels - in addition to performing - teaches piano privately in High Point, NC.  His students’ ages run from first or second graders to retired adults.  Some have had previous musical experience; others began with him as raw beginners.  His teaching philosophy is,


"...to make it fun. That doesn't mean there's no work involved.   Golf . . . basketball . . . they’re fun, too, but to improve, you've got to do some work, i.e., practice.  But it can be fun, should be fun . . . really!"


  Bruce's years of experience as a performer allow him to integrate humor with the presented information; lessons are never boring, and as a result, students learn, understand and advance more quickly.



 Bruce teaches music comprehensively, blending play with theory.  Students learn to read notes and play scales traditionally . . . but they also learn chords and improvisation.  And for those so inclined, Bruce helps them write music.



Recital Time!


  Students at Recital: Top, Koby Mahaffey, bottom left, Vadine

Eugene.  About half of Bruce’s

students are adults… below is  W. J. Ray.

  As they advance, students take on both classical and popular music, even basic jazz, if so desired.  As his/her skills mature and tastes take on definition, the lessons evolve . . . with primary attention then paid to the student's desired path of interest.  Students’ confidence grows as they show their stuff in biannual recitals.




  Bruce teaches on a digital piano; an inherent advantage is it never requires tuning. But not all digital or electric keyboard instruments are created equally; in selecting it, he was most concerned about its touch and feel.  But it has other advantages:  it can record the student's performance, allowing him or her to immediately listen to what was just played. Oftentimes a musician's perception is different from what’s perceived by the audience, but  listening to the playback exposes the student to that difference.








  At left, Emily Stainkamp looks on as Bruce makes a musical point.


  Additionally, the piano is connected to a computer; when apropos, Bruce can create a custom work or arrangement for a student and instantly print that music.  And it’s not unusual for Bruce to record a student’s lesson onto CD or MP3 with individual left & right hand parts, allowing him or her to practice either hand alone.






  All fee schedules assume four lessons in a month, with fees due at month's beginning. There are 3 rate tiers:

  For lessons in the student's home, the minimum lesson time is one hour.  In-your-home lessons are not typical, as timeframes and geography can create difficulty in scheduling.  But when applicable, for four one-hour lessons a month in your home, the fee is $190, assuming fifteen minutes or fewer travel time.  Variables including a surge in gas prices and/or longer distances may add a premium.

  But most students take their lessons in Bruce's teaching studio - convenient to those in High Point, Jamestown, Thomasville and other areas.  For 4, one-hour lessons the fee is $140 a month.

  Many in-studio students take half hour lessons;  the fee for 4, half-hour lessons in a month is $70.

  Lesson books are an additional, though negligible expense.


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